Project Description

Modern bastarda

Mezalia is a one of a kind typeface. Its shapes were strongly influenced by bastarda scripts of high medieval times. Unlike most fonts sharing similar origin, Mezalia is not just another blackletter but a fully functional text typeface, blending medieval poise and character with modern sensibilities. Stroke widths, imitating a broad nibbed pen of a scribe, fluctuate constantly giving paragraphs a characteristic vibrating texture. Despite its strong character Mezalia is very legible and will be an excellent choice for a book or an elegant magazine.

Mezalia has two distinct styles: straight and cursive (true italic if you will, although the word is not really correct here), which come in seven weights, from thin to black. Each weight contains a set of old-style figures, lining figures, small caps and ligatures. A separate style containing drop-cap initials is also available.

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