Project Description

Sans-serif bastarda

Mezalia Sans is a logical continuation of the Mezalia family. Its shapes are based on medieval calligraphic style: the Bastarda. This time the evolution is taken a step further, as these classic shapes are merged with the straightforwardness of a modern sans-serif. This results in an original, strong yet very much usable typeface, that can hold its own in a wide range of applications.

Mezalia Sans has two distinct styles: straight and cursive (true italic if you will, although the word is not really correct here), which come in ten weights, from thin to black. This wide range ensures that whether you are looking for delicate or bold strokes (or a combination of both) you will be satisfied. Every style also contains a set of small caps (with matching punctuation). Old-style, proportional and tabular numerals are included too, along with ligatures, symbols and language support in Adobe Latin 3 range.